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Tulloch Triumphs in Australian Indoor

Following on from his victory in Geelong, Conrad won the Open Mens Division at the Australian Indoor Championship held on Saturday 16th October 2010.

Congratulations also to Shane 1st & Paul 2nd in the Mens 40-49 division, Ben 4th in the Open Mens and Erin 2nd in the Womens 30-39 division. 

Go House !!





Open Men 2km

1st Conrad TULLOCH PHRC 6:14:0 *fastest time of the day

4th Ben WOFFENDEN PHRC 6:34:3

Women 30-39



2nd Erin CARRIGY PHRC 7:30:4


Men 40-49 SMITH PHRC 6:15:3


1st Shane O’CONNOR


2nd Paul WIEGARD PHRC 6:32:9


Tulloch Triumphs in Geelong Indoors

From Rowing Victoria website


Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Geelong Arena hosted Round 2 of the Rowing Victoria – Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Championships over the weekend. Winner of the Open Men’s 2000m event was Power House Rowing Club’s Conrad Tulloch. View pictures.

Conrad began rowing in 1993, after being injured playing football, and has been rowing on and off ever since. This year Conrad was fortunate enough to row in the Henley Royal Regatta in the UK, where his crew made the semi-finals – the top four.

“It was a great experience, and a good result for a team competing in open age division considering our average age of 38 years.”

The Geelong Indoor event offered a good kick start to Conrad’s season, as he builds towards the WA State Championships with pair partner Shane O’Connor-Smith. Conrad pulled a swift time of 6:12:9, to lead the field in the 2000m erg.

“[I] was pleased with the result. On the day of the erg race I was more focused on my daughter Mia (7 years) being involved than myself completing the 2000m race, which may have relaxed my focus.

“I find the erg is a great training tool as I have a busy job and 2 young children. Often the only opportunity to train is late at night so get to the gym at 9pm, do erg and some bench weights before 10pm closing time.

“I try to train most days and the erg is a time effective way to complete a training session inside an hour.”

Always keen to complete good quality session, Conrad mentions that one night he was accidentally locked in the gym. The attendant was keen to leave early and he had to climb out the window!

He has competed in the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships five times (16th October 2010, Caulfield Grammar School) and has had a couple of wins in the event.

“Cleo Bachelor, Cameron McKenzie-McHarg has won the Australian Indoor Championships [the] last few years so hopefully I can push him along at the event in October.

“Hope he wins the eight at the World Championships in NZ this year.”

Conrad had a few tips for those looking to use the rowing ergometer for off-water training sessions.

“I do all my training on a low setting and drag (setting 1 or 2 on the erg, low resistance) to try and [ensure it is] as similar to rowing on the water as possible. I find it best to do 2 x 1000m the week before to get the body ready for the 2000m event.

“During longer ergs (20 minutes to 30 minutes), I break it up with interval work – 30 second sprints to kick the old body into action.

“[It is] great to see Drew Ginn back rowing and hopefully he is able to race in the Australian Indoor Championships at Caulfield. I have always followed his career and hope his back holds out.

“[I] was a bit disappointed to see he had taken up cycling so it is good to see he is back doing a proper sport.” Conrad chuckles.

The final event in the Rowing Victoria – Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Tri-Series will be hosted by the Boardwalk Restaurant in Bendigo on the 11th September.

Henley Update

Only A day and a half before we race teh first round on wednsday.


The four will race at 5:50pm on Wednsday, which will be 2:50am thursday morning in melbourne. (London  is 9 hours behind). the heats for the brit four are spread out over the entire day, with one being raced every hour or so. Its quite an interesting format with all catageories being raced and intermingled. It also means that we will be able to watch our opposition race, and they watch us.


The Draw went well, and you can read more updates on the crew blog.


here is the Henley royal regatta page, whicch will have results and further details. expect to see the English fire up as we row down their crews one by one.


– Bingy






Age gives Dad’s Army crucial edge

  • 8 Jun 2010
  • Stonnington Leader

DOUBLE or nothing, Toorak’s Power House Rowing Club coxed four bet they can win the Henley Royal Regatta.


Shane O’Connor-Smith, Conrad Tulloch, Drew Holman and Nick Inglis are excited about their forthcoming trip to compete at the Henley regatta.

The five – Conrad Tulloch (37, Hampton East), Drew Holman (38, Hawthorn East), Shane O’ConnorSmith (40, Preston), Nick Inglis (37, Richmond) and cox Nicole Grant (37, Niddrie) – are twice the age of other crews in England’s esteemed river carnival, but Tulloch says this gives them the advantage of experience.


The Power House crew gained automatic qualification in the regatta based on results from the past year. Among them, they won 15 gold medals at the World Masters championship in 2009; the A Grade State Championship this year; and came second at May’s Australian National Championship by 0.9secs over 2000m.

‘‘ The winning crew included three members of the French national U23 team,’’ Tulloch said.


To raise the $15,000 to send the five to Oxfordshire, a spit roast and auction will be held at the clubhouse, 164 Alexandra Ave, on Saturday, June 12, 5pm. Tickets at $20 (drinks at bar prices). Bookings: email ambermiabrigette@hotmail.com ASAP or call Drew, 0419 665 225.

Brittania Cup Fundraiser

Following their recent blistering form, the Power House crew of

Nick Inglis, Drew Holman, Conrad Tulloch, Shane O’Connor-Smith and Nicole Grant (cox)

have gained direct entry into the men’s coxed 4 event, the

Brittania Challenge Cup

at the

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley-on-Thames, UK

June 30 – July 4 2010


Show your support by sending them off at a Fundraising Event:

Time: SATURDAY 12th JUNE 2010

Time: 5.00pm

Venue: Powerhouse Rowing Club

(164 Alexandra Ave Toorak)


Cost: $20.00 per adult/Children free

Dinner: Spit Roast

Entertainment: Music, Auction, Video presentation

**Drinks will be available at the bar**


For catering purposes please email: ambermiabrigette@hotmail.com before Thursday 10th June 2010 if you will be attending

– OR –

Pre-purchase a ticket from a crew member

nationals 2010 day 4 report

Day 2 results

Both the lighty single (Binglis) and the heavy pair (shane and conrad) missed a berth in the Final, and will be racing the B final on Friday. Conrad and Shane faced a difficult task, racing against the silver medalists from Beijing and drawing the dreaded Lane eight. Lane eight is now being referred to as “Death alley”. They boys raced, but were not happy with their performance, though they did clock a 6:49 for the journey, both 2 seconds faster,and 100m further than the time trial the day before.

Open Men’s Coxless Pair: Repercharge

Pl Entry Code Abbr Lane 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m
1 8.5 MUBC 1 03:26.0 05:14.9 07:04.9
2 8.11 SUBC/AUBC 2 01:43.0 03:32.0 05:21.0 07:13.0
4.02+ 6.05+ 6.02+ 8.03+
3 8.3 MUBC 3 01:45.0 03:35.0 05:27.0 07:24.0
5.98+ 12.03+ 11.06+
4 8.8 PHRC 4 01:50.0 03:48.0 05:49.0 07:50.0
11.01+ 21.99+ 34.09+ 25.93+

Open Men’s Lightweight Single Scull Repercharge


Bingy also drew the dreaded “death alley” but put a big scare into the competition along the way. After the first 500 nick had lookback, and held a convincing margin till teh thousand.. unfortunately death alley put teh claws in and his times slowed, as the reality of what he was trying to do sunk in. over teh last 500m he saw the finals berth ripped from him by a young toowong sculler. Hopefully nick can lay down a good time in the B final tommorro.

Pl Entry Code Entry Lane 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m
1 12.2 Barwon 2 01:54.9 03:52.9 05:54.0 07:56.0
Bow Scott Penning .98+
2 12.1 Toowong 1 01:55.0 3.06+ 06:00.0 07:59.0
Bow Tim McDonnell 1.08+ 5.94+ 3.02+
3 12.5 Power House 4 01:54.0 03:53.0 05:59.0 7.03+
Bow Nick Inglis .07+ 4.99+
4 12.11 Toowong 3 01:56.0 03:59.0 06:09.9 08:20.0
Bow Jack Price 2.06+ 6.04+ 15.92+ 13.95+



Day 3:

rest day for the club

Day 4 results.

The Club four had its first outing today. Racing for lane draw, the boys put on a fabulous first 1000m. At teh half way point the three leading crews of MUBC, PHRC and Mossman were separated by 2 one hundredths of a second. Mercantile had switched lanes and was requested to stop rowing. Sydney Uni was having an nice paddle, but were not on the pace. Then the full force of the prevailing breeze kicked in. The Northerly was building some big waves, and our dauntless crew ploughed through the crests, whilst their luckless pilot zig-zagged down the lane. (bingy as not happy with his course.) MUBC kicked a length clear during this period, and Mossman receded into the back ground. The PHRC rythm wavered, and did not recover. the final flat of the last 500m held little relief for the boys as Mossman came back from the dead to snatch second.

Not our best row, but certainly competitive. MUBC winners by 4 seconds over mossman and PHRC. the final should see some fantastic racing for the medals. MUBC are certainly the favorites for sunday. Nothing would please me more than to see them pick up teh silver instead.






Pl Entry Code Abbr Lane 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m 1 76.1 MUBC 6 01:30.3 03:11.4 04:43.6 06:21.1 2 76.3 MOSM 7 01:32.7 03:11.4 04:50.6 06:25.3 2.38+ .02+ 6.98+ 4.27+ 3 76.4 PHRC 4 01:30.7 03:11.4 04:47.3 06:25.6 .39+ .02+ 3.67+ .31+ 4 76.2 MERC 5 01:31.8 03:16.4 05:04.5 06:51.3 1.41+ 4.99+ 20.89+ 25.61+ 5 76.5 SRC 3 01:36.0 03:20.5 05:07.4 06:53.0 5.61+ 9.08+ 23.82+ 1.72+



Day 5 draw:

Shane and conrad race the pair, but not in death alley, MUBC have that.

Open Men’s Coxless Pair: B Final
Race 331 9:10 AM
N6 08.04 Melbourne Uni
N5 08.08 Power House
N4 08.07 Mosman/Sydney
N3 08.03 Melbourne Uni
N2 08.02 ANU/Mosman

Bingy has drawn the second best lane in the B final. He has yet to get a good result in teh scull so far this regatta. He will be pulling out all tehs tops for this one.

Open Men’s Lightweight Single Scull: B Final
Race 339 9:50 AM
V6 12.12 Uni of QLD (Morton)
V5 12.11 Toowong (Price)
V4 12.08 Sydney (Nola)
V3 12.05 Power House (Inglis)
V2 12.07 Sydney (McLeod)